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Core for Life Genomics Work Group Meeting 25-26th March 2013, Vienna.

The first Genomics Work Group meeting took place at Campus Vienna Biocenter/Campus Science Support Facilities GmbH (CSF). The mission was to start-up an open discussion on the (general) workflow in all participating Genomics Cores in order to learn from each others' strengths and to discuss potential points of improvement and/or optimization. 

First, each participating Core presented itself. Secondly, several breakout sessions helped to understand different parts of the workflows in each Core. Topics of the breakout sessions included:

  • User/Sample/Request management
  • Current & future technologies
  • DNA sample prep
  • Data management
  • RNA-seq including single cell transcriptomics
  • Enrichment strategies
  • Core Facility strategies
  • Bioinformatics tools & analysis
  • Lab best practices & QC

In the final plenary session summaries of all breakout sessions were presented. From this, it could be concluded that there is already a rough consensus on a general workflow. To improve communication between members of Genomics Cores, an on-line message board will be set-up. Furthermore, it was agreed that instrument capacity and expertise can and will be shared.

As this first meeting was a success, it was decided to make this a yearly meeting.