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Quality Management

The mission of the Core for Life Quality Management Work Group is to evaluate the applicability of quality certification in the context of scientific core facilities. This work group provides an opportunity for the member core facilities to share knowledge and experience regarding quality management systems, thus allowing individual facilities to better evaluate the applicability of ISO9000 or other certifications. The process of certification provides an opportunity to develop improved quality control, traceability, and transparency within core facilities and may allow for expansion of the customer base to organizations requiring such certification. Action thus far is being taken by individual organizations. CSF core facilities have begun to develop more rigorous quality management procedures with the help of outside consultants, with the aim of eventually obtaining ISO9000 certification. CRG has also begun to explore the possibility of obtaining such a certification. In the future we hope to translate the experiences of these individual organizations to other members of Core for Life, to help ensure that proper quality control has a high priority in all Core for Life member organizations.