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Tracking Technology Contributions in Publications

There are many occasions in which the contribution of a core facility does not justify a co-authorship in a publication. Still, in these cases it is convenient that the contribution of the core facility is somehow acknowledged in the publication, as this reflects the usefulness of core facilities and is, actually, an essential parameter used to evaluate core facilities.

Currently, no systematic and traceable system exists to track the standard procedures performed in core facilities. Facility contributions are mentioned either in the body of the papers or in the acknowledgement section, thus making their traceability difficult.

The Work Group "Tracking standard procedure contributions in publications" aims to develop guidelines to implement a system to acknowledge standard procedure contributions of core facilities in scientific publications and to define when and how this would apply. 

Such a system would allow the traceability of the impact of core facilities on European research and could be used as an additional parameter to evaluate the performance of the research infrastructures e.g. in the context of initiatives such as the ESFRI Roadmap. Moreover, this system would clarify responsibilities for the quality of the data generated in the research infrastructures and should not prevent core facilities members of being a main author of the publication in cases where this is justified.