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Protein Technologies & Nanobodies

A central task of the Protein Technologies & Nanobodies Work Group is to establish new and to improve existing communication and interactions within the protein production and purification field. The existing P4EU (Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe, network of protein facilities has already been pursuing these ideas and has been trying to enable transnational access to specific know-how, and to improve the interactions of protein production facilities within Europe and the exchange of technology, people and support. 

In this way, resources can be used in optimal and efficient ways in the participating institutes, and especially the long term sustainability of specialized expertise in protein expression, purification and biophysical analysis of protein interactions and folding will be guaranteed. 

Better communication and coordination of efforts will avoid or reduce redundant approaches to solve similar problems at multiple locations and help with faster identification of bottlenecks in the service infrastructure of individual groups. This will ideally result in a more efficient usage of resources and state-of-the-art services for the individual facility investing less time and capacities for new developments. 

Aims of the Protein Technologies & Nanobodies Work Group: 

  • Contact experts
  • Share expertise
  • Exchange materials & protocols
  • Develop or evaluate new tools & technologies
  • Establish standards
  • Enable collaboration
  • Enable contacts and access to external facilities
  • Training of staff/users